Day: March 8, 2017

How to earn money online

Six ways to make money on the Internet without investing them
In fact, there are much more ways, and here everything depends on your capabilities and imagination. But the main six areas will help you at the beginning of your “path”:

• Freelance. Who does not know, freelancing is a remote job.  the employer (the customer) is in one place, and you in another. In this case, most often you will not even see each other. Communication and calculation will be conducted exclusively through the Internet, which is very convenient. What do you have to do? Most often, work comes from the area associated with computers. So most often – it’s writing texts (copyright and rewriting), working with texts (translations, editing it), working with music, video, creating and promoting sites, etc. In short, there are jobs for everyone. In your freelance (as well as in any other earnings), your skills and professional skills are important. And at the first stage, you will have to ask yourself an “uncomfortable” question: “What can I do?” And look for answers. So, if you do not have (there are no answers), then the matter will go hard. We’ll have to learn about the customers who can give you work can be found at specialized forums and so-called freelance exchanges

• Executing tasks: clicks, etc. That “theme,” with which many began. The essence of earnings is as follows: you visit sites, click on advertising and for this, you are credited with money. I will say right away that there is not much money, and these matters should be dealt with only for a short period (if you need money for hosting or domain, for example). And I would not advise you to work so constantly, to. On the Internet, there are a lot more interesting things

• Earnings on regrowing. Some affiliate programs pay users for attracting other users. So, the users you attracted to the program become your referrals. For example, reference exchanges pay a percentage of the referral commission, etc. Although it may seem to many that the accruals from one referral are scanty, and you can not make money on it, but it’s not so. Everything here depends on the number and activity of referrals. You can not make big money on this, but you can put together some “initial capital.” “Which program to choose?”, You ask. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, no, but your need to be “on the subject” (otherwise you will not entice people), and help your referrals. About the tools of attraction, – then everything here depends on your imagination. The most working tools are forums, videos, and websites.

• Earnings in social networks. If you have an account “Vkontakte” or Twitter, and yet you read and comment, it’s cute The fact is that there are entire sites that allow you to earn on their accounts in social networks. I even wrote a separate article on this matter. You can sell entry into groups, likes, reposts, tweets, etc. Here everything depends on the degree of “unwinding” of the account. Also, in addition to their accounts, you can earn on public goods or groups of “Vkontakte”. So, if you have a visiting group (and there are quite a few of them), then you can earn some money in stock exchanges! And in this regard, it’s just a sin not to try. You can really earn money by this stack that money forum in which you can find different types of social media methods.

• Stock exchanges. There are such exchanges, which allow you to earn money by writing texts, comments, comments and performing various tasks. The essence is simple: you register, look for yourself a task from the list of available, perform and receive your reward. If you want to make a living on a bottle of beer, you can try, but otherwise, there is no special money there. But my first five bucks I earned it there.

• Mediation. Once you noticed, a lot of money in real life is done through mediation. So apartments are rented and bought, goods appear in stores, etc. The Internet is no exception. Here, too, you can “bargain.” For example, many people are buying sites. So, they give a percentage of the sale to all those who “lead” them to a potential buyer. It seems that there is no need to invest money, and there is profit. Examples in this regard are a lot. A few months ago, such a “topic” slipped through the Internet: regional websites are being searched for, whose owners are “not in the tooth with their feet” regarding promotion. Then they are offered to untwist the site and increase its importance and fame. And for this, I work well links and articles. You conclude a contract for a certain amount. You buy links and articles for 10, and the difference in your pocket. But for this, the ash tree should have some knowledge and “in the direction of the thinking” head

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